Ziptied The Ziptied Brotherhood
" thats just a fucking horse, u idiot "
-New Jersey
" Looking for masculine dudes for legit in-home gloryhole. Totally anonymous. Lemme milk that cobra. Drug, Disease, and Drama free "
" RIP Slipknot bassist Paul Gray.
Just joking. Fuck you.
-CJ K1ngAIDS69
" Roo Roo Roo your boat, no one gives a fuck. "
-Cybernetic $Lindz$
" Yeah, Step one, fuck your face! I have no idea, nerd. "
" ^ Kind of out of line to say that, even if you are joking... "
" I have 400hp, are you kidding me? "
" shit is like farting with no butt cheeks. "
" Carbomb's list of problems
-staying warm
-getting to the discount bread store before they sell out
-tape worms
-finding a shopping cart where all 4 wheels work
-maintaining acceptable levels of hygiene
-general social and emotional rejection
-not being suitable for employment
-inability to open a checking account
" i could stick my dick in a bucket of leeches and have 15 things sucking my dick, doesn't mean its a good idea. "
Enter The Ziptied Brotherhood